Affiliate Marketing For Amazon

Affiliate Marketing For Amazon

What is amazon Associate program

Amazon associates program is an affiliate marketing program based on promoting products or services provided by or can be found on Amazon for a commission or a bounty.

how to become an affiliate marketer at amazon

To become an Amazon associate or a affiliate marketer on Amazon you first need to have a website where you will be promoting or reviewing products and services that can be found on Amazon.

Once you have this set into place all you need to do is create an account and fill in all the information that is required. This usually does not take very long. After this you will be good to go. 

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What is amazon affiliate commission rates

Amazon commission rates is the amount that you will get in commission per sold item in each commission category.

So for example:

Luxury beauty is up at the top with a 10% commission fee. Which means that you get 10% for the sale. This is also the highest commission rate. It goes from 10% – 1% depending on the category. 

You also have bounty programs like Amazon prime. Which will allow you commission per subscription. The amount of these also varies depending on the subscription product. 


How to make money with amazon as an affiliate

To become an Amazon affiliate you need to apply with your website. After this you will have 3 months to get your first sale, if you do not then Amazon will close down your associates account. No need to worry you can re-apply. I would however advice you to take advantage of the training provided from Amazon and also make sure that your website is ready for success. By this I mean: that you have enough posts that contains products or services that you can promote through Amazon affiliate links. That you have a steady amount of traffic, of course it is good to have a lot of traffic, this means that you are more visible, however, it is also important to have an audience that connects with you. You can have 100.00 mostly views, the number of views is not important at the end of the day, the amount of people that will click and purchase are. I would rather have 10 views a week knowing that they are customers because they trust my input and advice. Then having 100k and have neither of them click my links.

One of the basic things when you want to have an income as an affiliate is finding the people who are looking for whatever it is that you are promoting. You need to know what your target audience is researching and preferably you want to catch them in a state where they only need a little bit of convincing to purchase.


How to promote products from amazon

I prefer discussing a product that I know, or a service that I have tried but with Amazon there are other ways as well. 

You can find the top selling products from Amazon, within your niche, and compile a list of them.

Writing a review about a product that you have tried.
You can even make videos promoting products that you have tried. Perhaps a video with the worst rated products from Amazon. 

Maybe you have a bookclub as your website, where you read the top selling books from Amazon kindle and review them. 

There are plenty of ways to promote a product.

Once you have found a way that will suit you at this time, you create an affiliate link through the Amazon associates program, that will contain your seller ID, it is this way Amazon will recognize that this sale is yours. 

how much do you get paid as an amazon affiliate

This varies, it basically depends on how many sales you are doing and in what commission rate they are.

However, to make sales you do need to put time into your website, you always have to work on it. What is so great about it is that you can work with it 2 hours a week and still make enough money that you do not need another job.

Affiliate programs are mostly free to join and you can set your website up for free, even get some training for free. 

Once you hit that first sale there is nothing like that feeling. A good thing about sales through Amazon is that Amazon has cookies that lasts you 24 hours, which means that if that person clicks back into Amazon, you will still get registered for a commission. If a person clicks the link for the product you are promoting but instead purchases something completely different, you will still get a commission for it. The commission fees will not add on any cost to your customer, so no need to worry about that.

Final Thoughts

Amazon associate program is a brilliant way to get started with affiliate marketing. You will more than likely get instantly accepted and with the amount of people on Amazon you will more than likely make a sale by finding the right audience. Amazon is very good in that way, that you never really need to do any convincing, all you need to do is get people to click your affiliate link, then Amazon pretty much takes care of the rest.

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