Affiliate Marketing For Books

Affiliate Marketing For Books

How To Read Books For Money

If you love reading books and you have a passion for it then it is 100% possible to make a living out of it, from home or anywhere in the world I might add. 

In this article I will tell you exactly how I would do to make money from reading books through affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing, What is it?

The basic definition of affiliate marketing is to promote products online whilst earning a commission from people who purchase the products or services that you are promoting.

So in this case your Niche would be books and your target audience would be other people interested in books, perhaps people who wants to start reading more or someone looking to purchase a book or other book related product for him/herself or as a gift.

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What do you need for affiliate marketing

You need a website where you can talk about the books and you need an audience.

So how would I do it?
After I have built my website I would start reviewing books and write about why reading is important etc. Perhaps how to set up the perfect book corner where you can read.

I would use keywords to find the best searched terms to get the most amount of organic traffic as possible and I would use Pinterest to grow my audience with a little help of Tailwind.

After this you can start setting up social media and start engaging so gain followers. 

Perhaps you can have an online book club where each week you can discuss the book you have read and each week/month you can share a link to the book you intend on reading for your audience to join in, you might then have a weekly/monthly discussion group regarding the book. This way you would also be able to gain comments on your website which in return will draw more traffic. You might even create a YouTube channel where you go live to discuss the book with your audience. 

The world is your oyster. Dig in!

Affiliate Marketing Programs For Book Bloggers

Once you have your website set up and you have at the minimum 20 posts ( You can post these back to back ). It is time for you to join affiliate programs. This is how you will be able to promote books and book related items for a commission fee.

One of the largest affiliate programs is Amazon. I would recommend you joining Amazon as this is a great way for you to begin your affiliate marketing journey. There are plenty of books to promote and you can not only promote a hard copy of the book but also Amazon Kindle and of course Audible and Prime.


Affiliate Programs To Join For Books

The easiest ones to get started with is Amazon (Audible) and Ebay. The others might want you to have a bit of traffic coming to your website but if you target the right keywords and use websites such as Tailwind to get the best times for posting on Instagram and Pinterest you should be safe.

Final Thoughts

Affiliate Marketing is by far the easiest way to get started with your own online business and you get the chance to work with something you love, such as reading books, perhaps you would then be earning money on your hobby.

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