How To Create A Call To Action That Is Effective

How To Create A Call To Action That Is Effective

What Is A call to action for

Call to action is a way to show your readers the next step for them to take.  This can be signing up for a newsletter, reading a different article, downloading a course etc. 

A call to action button can be an actual button that you put into your website, it can be a pop up or perhaps just arrows pointing the reader in the direction of where you want them to go or it will tell them want you want them to do such as “like” and “share”. 

How To Use a cTA

A “CTA” Button or “Call to action” Button does not need to be set up for someone to purchase anything as a lot of people think, it can also be designed just to easier navigate around your website.

You can add a call to action button in a section where your the reader might benefit from also reading another post. You can then create a CTA linking the reader to that post.

You could also add a link that will take your viewers to a list of your services, contact information and so on.

A call to action button can also be linked to a place of purchase or perhaps to a review and from there a link to purchase. The one thing to remember is to be clear. 

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Call To action phrases and examples

  • What are you waiting for?
  • Sign me up
  • Become a pro
  • Start now
  • Try ….. for free!
  • Receive your free trial now
  • Call now
  • I want to learn more
  • I’m Ready for change
  • Book now
  • Offer will expire in X days
  • Members only

A call to action button needs to be compelling also it needs to, in relation with your content, make the reader want more. 

how to get people to click on my link

Your call to action buttons needs to contain the information that your customer is looking for and like I said above it needs to relate to your content. 

Think back to yourself, what would make you want to click a button? First of all it has to make sense for your readers to click the button. This kind of takes me back to a previous post that you can find below. You need to know your target audience and what they are looking for. You can create as many click to action buttons as you want but it has to make sense for your audience or readers to click it. Think about what they will gain from clicking the button. Not want you will gain, but how will the button contribute in a positive way for them.

It is important to remember that people are selfish and we will not do anything that we do not think will make us gain something, everything else is just a waste of time.


Final Thoughts

There are also ways to structure your CTA’s with verb, urgency and exclusivity.
“Gain instant access now!”

This is important to keep in mind but also remember who your customer is and what the reason is for them to click that button. Having call to action buttons can increase traffic to where you want and need it and can also increase sales etc.

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