How To Find Keywords For A Website

How To Find Keywords For A Website


What is a keyword

A keyword is a word or a phrase that people are searching for online. 

For example:
“How to rank with seo.”

In this case the phrase is the keyword but I could also just search for “seo”. 
Both of these can be viewed as keywords.

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What is a keyword research tool

A keyword research tool is used to find keywords in your niche that people are searching for, preferably a lot of traffic with little competition. A good keyword research tool will also give you alternative keywords to the one you are researching and offer analysis on it.

What is a keyword tool for?
A keyword tool is used to find low competition keywords with high traffic as this will allow you to rank on the first page on searches and increase the traffic to your website.

How to rank with keywords

You can rank high in searched by using the correct keywords. 
First of all you need to know what your article or review will be about. Let’s say that you want to write a review of a keyword research tool. You can then start by typing in the name of the keyword tool to see what alternatives you are given. You will also be able to see how many people are searching for this word and also how many other websites that are ranking for this specific keyword. You can then add in “keyword research tool review” and see how many websites there are ranking for this particular keyword and how many searches it gets.
You want to have a low score on competitive websites and a high SEO score. 

It can also be good to add in keywords with less searches and low scores as this might easily land you on the front page for that particular search.

Why use a keyword research tool

The number one reason to use a keyword research tool is that it gives you the benefit of knowing beforehand if you have a chance of landing the first page or not.

You can target your website with the right keywords to land you on the front page. This gives you the upper hand against your competition as you will know what the traffic in your niche is searching for – word by word – and you can use this to your advantage.

What is the best free keyword research tool? 
I feel like this is a trick question. A free research tool will most likely give you the amount of searches for a keyword which is good but then it will not give you the amount of websites you are competing against for that word or they will be so scribbled that they are hard to understand. 

Or it will give you the amount of websites and searches but you have no idea of how your score will be to rank on the first page.


The Best Keyword tool for seo

My absolute favourite research tool for keyword analysis is Jaaxy Keyword Research tool and here is why:

  • It will give me alternative keywords
  • It gives me the number of average searches per month
  • It gives me the amount of traffic I will get if I rank on the first page for that keyword
  • The number of competitive websites ranking for the same keyword
  • Keyword Quality Indicator that will tell if my keyword is great, normal or poor
  • It gives my keyword an SEO score. The higher the number the more likely I will end up on the first page
  • If you are unable to find a keyword that suits you can use alphabet soup and it will create keywords for you


Final Thoughts

Using keywords can make or break your website. Knowing what people are searching for can be very helpful, by knowing this you can choose the right keywords and increase your traffic. This might also help you to know what kind of articles to write or what area to focus on.

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