How To Get More Followers In Instagram

How To Get More Followers In Instagram

What is ? is the website for the social media app Instagram.

What is instagram used for?
Instagram is a place where people can connect via their photos. People share photos, with or without a caption and you use hashtags to increase your reach. You can follow others and others can follow you.

Instagram is also a good way to increase your website traffic.

Get more followers on instagram

You can grow your instagram account in a few different ways. It is completely possible to gain thousands of followers fairly quickly.  All you need to do is follow a few simple steps that will increase your reach and your visitors interactions with your profile.

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Free followers instagram - why you shouldn't do it

If you are looking on making money of your posts then free followers is not the right way to go and here is why:

  • Businesses do not just look on the amount of followers you have but they also look at the amount of interactions that your profile is getting.
  • Engagement from your followers is valued higher than the amount of followers you have.
  • If you start paying for  your followers and likes this will instantly get noticed.
  • You might end up getting yourself blocked.

Get followers with instagram - how?

  1. Find your Instagram Niche
  2. Who are you targeting?
  3. Figure out your hashtags
  4. Create a posting schedule that will target your audience
  5. Comment and like on posts in the same Niche
  6. Follow people within your Niche
  7. Make your profile easy to find by using your bio to your advantage 
  8. I recommend having at least 12 posts on Instagram when starting this. You can post these pretty much back to back and then continue with a posting schedule.

How to use hashtags for instagram

Instagram allows you 30 hashtags, do you need to use all of them? This will probably vary on who you are asking. Personally I get the best amount of  traffic by only using about 15-20 hashtags. 

Finding hashtags requires for you to know your Niche. What you do now is that you go on instagram and you go to search hashtags. You can see the number of posts related to each hashtag.

Find at least 10 in each category.





500k-1 mn

Why you might wonder. Once you have 10 in each category it is time to mix them. Use a few in each category because these will enable people to find you and more specifically – your target audience.

The smallest category is very niche specific but you will definitely get noticed. The larger categories might not benefit you that much but it is important to mix them up and the reason you need this many is because you should not post with the same hashtags in every post. It is very important  that you mix them up.

Instagram Tip: Create different hashtag lists that you have saved so you only need to copy and paste them when you are ready to post.

How to increase instagram engagement

What is Instagram engagement? 
Instagram engagement is your comments and likes received.

Even though you might not be able to see likes soon the comments are still important. Comments are very important,  but how do you get them?

Start following people in your target niche and start following hashtags in your target niche. These will then pop up in your instagram feed. Start commenting on posts in your target niche. People in the same Niche will more often than not return the favour and comment on your photos.

why you need a good instagram bio

Having a good bio is also important. You want your audience to know what your profile is about and how they will benefit from following you. What are you here to teach them?

Make sure that your name relates to your niche. No one will search for “Oscar” when they are looking to learn how to grow their instagram account, they might however search for “Increaseyourtraffic” and then here are you, very clever so you have named your profile: “IncreaseyourtrafficwithOscar”. See where I am going with this?

You can also add hashtags to your profile:

Ex. Target your market with #seotraining
Increase your traffic 
Turn your instagram into a business

You get the gist.

This will also make you visible when people are searching for hashtags in this specific Niche.

How to know what hashtags to use? Scroll up to “How to use hashtags for instagram “

Final Thoughts

Instagram can be a very good way to start your business and it is not that hard to grow your following. I have grown my instagram accounts using this method. Remember though that when you are starting from zero you cannot expect gaining thousands of followers in a day but once you are starting to gain a following do not be surprised by gaining 100 followers per day. You do however need to treat it as a business and put the work into it. You will gain what you give.


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  1. Instagram to me is the second most used platform online for reaching out to people. It’s very nice to see you give the information on how it work and also tell us how to use the harshtags that you have mentioned here. I agree that it can be used to boost ones business and that is exactly what I am going to use it for. Nice job here.

    1. Hi,

      Instagram can be very helpful when you need to a bigger following for your business. 
      I hope you try the strategy and that you will find it beneficial. Keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks for this post. I’m “stuck” on 7000 Instagram followers, and I have to do something different from what I’ve done so far. I like the idea of ​​finding from each group of hashtags ten that I will occasionally use. If I may add one tip: try to write at least 10-20 comments every day on posts from your niche. It really helps in getting new followers as well as better engagement.

    1. Hi,

      Try to switch up the hashtags as well so you do not always use the same ones.
      Yes, I agree, leaving comments are very beneficial and is definitely something you should do.

  3. This is the one area I have been procrastinating about. I have slowly built up a presence on other social media platforms but have nothing more than an empty account on Instagram. Initially I though this was because it is image based, I thought I needed to be taking pictures and posting them. Looks like I was wrong in some respects.

    My wife has an account which she does use, more often when I remind her to. I shall be forwarding this article to her as I think she will have a better grasp than I. That said, I’ve read through twice already and now have a better understanding of how this can be used to my benefit. I have no problem in  taking my time and building up a following slowly. I like your tactic for the use of hashtags, I had no idea they were so important bu tit makes a lot of sense, as does creating a good bio. Looks like I have some work to do but at least I know I’ll be heading inthe right direction.

    1. Hi,

      I am glad that you found the article on how to get more followers on instagram useful. Hashtags are very important. Do not forget to leave comments on other peoples posts as this will also help and if you gain a comment try to reply to it within an hour as this will show that the post is more popular.

      Good luck to you,

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