How To Get Traffic For Your Website

How To Get Traffic For Your Website

What is website traffic

Website traffic is another name for the users that visits your website.

Website traffic is important, especially if you are in the business of affiliate marketing or in other ways are looking to create an income through the internet. By having website traffic you know that people are visiting your website.

There are also other ways of analyzing the data, such as conversion rate and time spent but we are going to focus on website traffic throughout this article.

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what is free website traffic?

Free website traffic is just as it sounds, visits to your website that you are not paying for.
This can be a result from a backlink or perhaps an organic search.

Perhaps you have posted something on social media and you have correctly used hashtags and this has as a result given you a lot of reach and likes. From this post you have a link leading to your website.

Someone is searching the web and there on the from page is your website. When someone then clicks into your website you will have gained free traffic in the form of a visitor from an organic search.

how to increase a website's traffic

Free website traffic can be created by using SEO and the right keywords.

You want to have a website that ranks high in searches, preferably #1. 

First you need to find the right keywords to use. You want to use keywords that will attract the right customer for you as you do not want someone looking for an apple to find your website that is about oranges. You want the customers that are looking for oranges to find your website.
You can find keywords by using websites such as Jaaxy, this is my favourite Keyword research program and I use it daily.

By having your website SEO ready so that it looks attractive to search engines. Do not flood your website with links or other things that might disrupt the flow of your website. Search engines want to know what it is that you are offering and why this will help others.

Collaborate with other content creators, you can do this by creating something together.
For example:
You are writing an article about a pair of shoes and you have noticed that someone else, in the same niche, is doing the same. You can share your experiences and link the content to each others websites; creating backlinks.
Someone will read the content on their website or social media and from there they can find your content and website.

You can drive traffic from social media to your website by using hashtags and links from your content to your website. By using the right hashtags this will ensure that you will get a better reach and that you will reach the right people.
When it comes to social media engagement can be more profitable than reach.

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Final Thoughts

Traffic is incredibly important as is the way you retrieve it. If you do it in the wrong way you can end up being on the last page instead of the first as search engines will crawl your websites to see what it is about. By doing it the right way you will ensure to be indexed and people will be able to find you.

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