How To Start With Affiliate Marketing In Australia

How To Start With Affiliate Marketing In Australia

What is affiliate marketing and how to get started

Affiliate marketing is when you promote a service or a product for a commission. 

To get started you need a platform where you can promote these products or services, join an affiliate program and have an audience for your platform.

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How to get started with affiliate marketing step by step

  • You need to have a platform – most common is a website with social media around it to bring traffic in from other sources. 
    You will then need to build your website. You can do this for free here.
    Your website needs to have an about me page, an affiliate disclosure and a privacy policy. You can get access to those via the previous link as well. By using a WordPress platform you will get access to a lot of different website layouts which will make creating your website a lot easier.
    I would also recommend you to download Elementor – which is a drag and drop tool for WordPress, it truly does make things easier when it comes to building both your website, landing page and creating beautiful looking posts. 
    You need to figure out a name for your website and also what you are looking to be promoting.

My Target Audience

  •   What is your target audience – who are you aiming to reach out to with your website? What is it that you want to promote? You need to figure this out before you start posting. Do you want your website to be about fashion? Or animals? perhaps computers or cars.
    Try to find a name that is suited to the purpose of your website. Consider purchasing your own domain. Your own domain will have a nicer ring to it than a domain owned by someone else.

Create Your First Website Post

  • Create your first posts. Figure out you want to write about and section this into 6 headers and try to aim for around 100-1200 words. This will help your posts getting indexed in google. Don’t worry if it doesn’t happen right away as it can take as long as 6 months to get indexed. However it will help to drive traffic to your website from other platforms. I will get back to this a bit further down.

    Learning how to write an article or post can take time. Do your research and look at how other people in the same Niche as you are both writing their articles, what they are writing about and how their websites are laid out. Do not copy their ideas but use the structure to your benefit.

    Stay consistent with your posts and don’t expect things to happen over night.

Join Affiliate Marketing Programs In Australia

The best Affiliate Marketing Programs For Beginners:

There are great Affiliate Marketing Websites to get started with. All of them are free to use. The one I find best for beginners is Amazon as it has thousands of products, if not millions and over 20 million users each month. My second favourite it Share A Sale as it is very easy to use and, sure it is one of those in between, affiliate marketing programs but it does have some of the big guys on there as well. All of these are available in Australia. 

use Search Console and Analytics

  • This will help you keep track of how your website is doing. It might take some time to see any results but you will gain what you put into it. If you stay consistent you will notice results.
    Search Console will let you know how many people times your website comes up in searches and how many times people click your website. It will also let you know your website rank and what people are clicking to find your website. These are just the basics but very useful non the less.
    Analytics will give you the amount of people visiting your website and from which location. You can also gain access to a lot more detailed information such as where you would acquire them and conversion rates. You can set up your own goals and monitor your progress. - The Best Popunder Adnetwork


  • Ads can also be something to consider putting on your website. There are a lot of websites for this. You have ad sites like Adsense which is from Google and also publisher websites like Popads which is higher paid than Adsense.

How To Drive traffic from social media

  • I would recommend aquiring the names that you are after but not necessarily start posting on social media until you have at least 15-20 posts on your website. This is because you want your audience to actually stay on your website and look around. There won’t be a lot of looking around happening with only 1-3 posts.
    Join Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Quora and Pinterest. 
    For me the best social media platform has easily been Pinterest. Around 60% of my website traffic is coming from Pinterest and that is due to my use of Tailwind.
    Tailwind is a platform where you can share your content into different Tribes which will then share your content onto their social media platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram. What makes it work is that the person who shares your content might have 100k followers that will click your post.  
    Try Tailwind For Free Here. 
    Tailwind in combination with my Instagram strategy will help your Affiliate marketing explode. You can find it here.

Final Thoughts

If you need more guidance through out this whole process then I would advise you to get some training at Wealthy Affiliate – free of charge. This is the number one place to get your affiliate marketing training and find affiliate marketing programs to join.

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  1. Hey, I enjoy while reading your guide. You have done a grate work for all like me. Now I am also planning to start affiliate marketing. I learn everything needed to start working online. I get the best training from wealthy affiliate and I found it is the best platform in this online industry. Your step by step process helped me to reach on my goals as soon as possible. Keep this grate work up.

    1. Hi Parveen, 

      I am glad that you found the guide on how to start with affiliate marketing in Australia helpful. 
      Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best places to get started with Affiliate Marketing. I have done great by following their program. I wish you all the best.

  2. For a newbie to affiliate marketing, basic training is a must. Wealthy Affiliate happens to be among the best in this business. Join their program, start training and you will have a website in minutes, as the design is already done. And you can choose between many designs. They will teach you how to blog, use keywords and everything else to get traffic, as traffic will be the key to doing your business. You will become an affiliate marketer, promoting some merchant’s products and by selling, receive a commission.

    1. Hi Jerry,

      I agree with what you are saying, Wealthy Affiliate can have you set up in a few minutes. 
      It is one of the best ways to learn about affiliate marketing and also succeed with it.

  3. Hello Alexandra, really nice to see you share this informative and helpful guide on how to start affiliate marketing in Australia. Affiliate marketing is one of the best business models in the online world today and one of the most simplest to get started with, however, people tend to make it look as if it is complicated; you made the whole process easier.

    Your recommendations are lovely.


    1. Hi,

      I agree, Affiliate marketing is one of the best, current, business models. 
      Thank you for reading the article on how to start with affiliate marketing in Australia. 

  4. I love that tagline, work smarter not harder. I believe in smart work, during the days when my friends were working day and night to make money in somebody else’s firm, I spent my time to create a passive source of income.

    With a little knowledge, anybody can become an affiliate marketer, I completely agree with what you have said in this post. A person can start with affiliate marketing by having a website and yes it is very important to drive the right kind of traffic, targeted audience is more willing to buy products from your site than the random audience.

    Learning about SEO and social media marketing can enable any person to become a successful affiliate marketer. I owe my success to wealthy affiliate, I had no inkling about how money can be made from home by doing online business a few years ago, thanks to WA I am earning doing what I love now.

    1. It is all about working smarter isn’t it. I am glad that you found some value in my article about affiliate marketing in Australia. 

      I agree, learning about SEO is very beneficial. 

      I am very happy to hear that Wealthy Affiliate has been able to help you start with Affiliate marketing.

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