Increase Traffic With Your Website – For 2020

Increase Traffic With Your Website – For 2020

What are my business goals

With only a few weeks left of the year it is time to figure out what you want from your business within the next year.

You can do whatever you set your mind to all you need to do is be clear with yourself on your personal expectations and have a plan for you to get there.

So what are your business goals for this year?

Increase sales?
Land more traffic?
Rank on the first page of Google?

As you go into the new year do so with a strategy in hand and the first step is to know what you want to achieve. 

Write them down and do not forget to follow up on them to see if you are getting closer to your goals. This is important because if you have decided to go with a specific strategy and after a few months you do not notice a positive difference then perhaps this is not the right strategy for you. This does not mean give up on your strategy but perhaps you need to tweak it.

What is the target audience

The target audience is the people you are directing your Niche to. Who is it that you want to read and learn from your content?

This is very important. You cannot write about travel but your target audience is people who loves makeup. Your target audience would then be people who’s interest is in fact travel.

Then you need to figure out what state these people are in. By this I mean, are you aiming for people who are new to traveling or is your target audience people who have a lot of experience with traveling. There can be a huge difference in how you explain things and what you write about. 

For example
Someone who is well traveled might know that you are not allowed to pack full size bottles of shampoo in your carry on but someone who has never traveled might assume that this is alright. 

The same goes with any Niche that you have chosen. Who is your target audience and what state are they in when they find your website. Are they in a research state or are they in a perfection state?

You can of course intertwine both but you should write separate articles. Why? Because then your target audience just got bigger.

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Stay Consistent

You cannot expect consistent results from inconsistent efforts. 

By this I mean, you cannot expect to increase traffic if you do not contribute with traffic increasing content.

You cannot expect to get a first page ranking if you do not put in the research and work that will get you there.

This does not mean that you need to publish 2000 word articles every day, quality over quantity, you do however need to post each week or I would recommend you to do so.

Personally I have a goal of how many articles I want on my website before slowing down the posting. My goal is to only post articles 2-3 times a week, to post at least 1 post on social media each day and to eventually start posting video content 1 a week.

Figure out how much time you are willing to spend on your website each week and stay consistent with it.

How much content do you want? How much mostly traffic do you want?

Stay consistent and work towards that goal. It does not mean that you have to post every day but it does help in the beginning, especially on social media.

Market your business with social media

Social media is an excellent way to show off your brand.

How to use social media for business?
With this I do not mean pay for ads. By gaining followers and engagement your brand will grow. You need to create a business page for your social media, most of them offer analytics as well. Figure out what hashtags are relevant in your Niche and create several lists. When you post content you can view your analytics to see which of your posts gained the most amount of engagement. Analysis this post: What did you post about? How did the picture look? Why did people engage with this post? Was it the time you were posting it? The hashtags you used? 

You also want to view your competitors social media and study their content, I do not mean copy it. Also leave post relevant comments on some of their content, if you are doing this on their websites then most of the time this will allow for you to leave a back link to your website.

Take advantage of social media features

Use your Instagram and Facebook stories to actually connect with your followers, keep them updated on projects that you have coming up, any new articles that you have created, ask for their input and suggestions, make them a part of your brand. At the end of the day they are your customers and you are creating content for them, ask them what they want to learn.

Create relevant content

Finding content in your Niche can be tricky but there are ways to do so. First of all set up google alerts for topics related with your Niche,  follow similar websites or social media pages to get news updates.

By using google alerts you will receive an email alerting you about news within the topic that you have chosen. You can set up alerts for different topics. From these you cant then create relevant content for your audience and give them the news for your relevant Niche.

Do not forget to take advantage of SEO and gain organic traffic by using the right keywords for your content. Do your keyword research. If you want to land on the first page you need to use low competition keywords and have your website SEO friendly.

Final Thoughts

The one thing I cannot point out hard enough is to be clear with your goals. Wether it is to make your first sale or increase sales, rank on the first page or just get indexed, increase your traffic or just gain traffic. Your goals are your goals and they are based on where you currently are. For 2020 you need to work harder and to the research to reach your goals. It is important to stay consistent even when things are hard and you might feel ready to throw in the towel. Nothing comes for free, people work to gain what they have and there is nothing holding you back except you, there is also no one who can cheer you on the way you can.

If you are just starting out then please read my article on how to blog for the beginner.

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  1. Hey thank you for the awesome post!  I really enjoyed this post because I am getting ready to take 2020 head on with my site I started in October this year!  I like your section on getting more followers.  I need to do this for my Instagram page of my business.  Thank you for all the ideas!

    1. Hi Jessie, I am glad that you can implement the social media strategy. Best of luck for the new year.

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