Pinterest For Business Marketing

Pinterest For Business Marketing

What is Pinterest for business

Pinterest is a great way to increase your website traffic as there are 250 million people on Pinterest each month. All you need to do is get a fraction of these people on to your website. By using the business feature on Pinterest you also get analytics which will show you how many people your pins are reaching and also your most popular pins.

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How to increase your website traffic for free with Pinterest

A great way to increase website traffic is with Pinterest. All you need to do is learn how.

It is important to have several boards and to regularly add pins to them. These pins do not just need to be your own pins but also pins from others that are popular.

You also need to have nice looking pins to draw attention to them, pins that will make people want to click them to find out more.

My favourite tool to use when I create pins is Canvas which you can easily download to your device.

Another great way to increase your website traffic with Pinterest is by using a Social Media Management tool. My preferred one is Tailwind App.

Use Canva To Create Pins

With the app Canva you can easily create stunning Pins that will attract the likes of your audience. Canva has different layouts and Sizes for whatever social media site you want to post to. 

Pin Other Pins

By pinning other pins you are increasing the chances of someone searching for a specific topic and finding you. It does not necessarily need to be your post, either way you increase your reach with will lead to your audience finding you. Try pinning within the same Niche.

Follow Other Boards And Pinners Within Your Niche

By following similar boards and Pinterest accounts you will draw attention to yourself from the people you are following and the will most likely result in someone in the same Niche returning the favour and following you back. Especially if you have some great pins.

what is the tailwind app

Tailwind app is a Social media planning tool or Social media management tool. This app will allow you to organise your social media posts in advance, it will also give you the best times to post on social media based on your audience and it is also a great way to assist you in getting more shares which in return will increase your reach and website traffic.


how to use tailwind for Pinterest

Tailwind will give you a step by step tutorial on how to get the most out of it as possible. 

  1. Set up your Pinterest account.
  2. Create boards and pin at least 10 pins to your boards. 
  3. Join tribes with within your relevant Niche.
  4. Create Pins and share them to your tribes.
  5. Share tribe mates pins and watch as your pins get shared.
  6. See the magic happen as your traffic increases.

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite

How Does Pinterst Work For My Website

Pinterest is one of the best ways to get traffic to your website. If you are starting from zero I would definitely recommend trying Tailwind as it will help to kickstart your pinning experience.

Pinterest works in such a way that when people will click your pins it will take them to your website or other social media platforms. Therefor you want your pins to get shared by others or make them visible to others. So by sharing other peoples pins, they will also be able to find your website as the pins will be on one of your boards. You also will increase your reach as other people will pin from you and share your pins, which will give you a bigger reach through someone else’s board.

Most people that have been using Pinterest for business and specifically Tailwind has noticed that Pinterest traffic will be around 60% of their websites traffic. This is incredible!

How To Get Started With Pinterest

All you need to do is create a Pinterest account, if you are planning on starting a Pinterest Business account this is the same process but you do need to confirm your website as well. You also would want to create a profile related to your Niche which will allow people to find you more easily. 

How To Start an online business with no money

If you haven’t already started your online business then I would recommend you starting out with the best online training program, no payment or credit card required. 

The program will help you to set up your very own online business for success. It teaches you how to write, how to use SEO, the best tools to increase your reach, how to use affiliate marketing. It also comes with the most comprehensive online classroom that offers both online courses as well as live classes.

Final Thoughts

I never really understood the impact that Pinterest can have on a business or the amount of traffic you can gain by using it correctly. 

By using Pinterest in the right way you can get a lot of reach and clicks to your website. You do have to be consistent, as with anything. Pinterest revenue is huge and you can be a part of that. If you want to kickstart your Pinterest experience I would strongly recommend you to try Tailwind. 


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