Tailwind For Social Media – Is It Worth It?

Tailwind For Social Media – Is It Worth It?

What is tailwind app

Tailwind app is a social media management or planning tool that will make it easier for you to plan out and schedule your social media posts.

It allows you to work across different social media platforms from one platform which will both save you time and increase your reach which in return will increase your website traffic and following.

what is a social media management tool

A social media management tool is a way for you to organise your posts across different social media platforms. It will allow you to create posts as well as schedule them. You would also be able to save hashtag lists for future posts.

what is tailwind tribes for

Tailwind tribes is a feature within Tailwind that allows you to join different Niche groups that share similar content. Tribes is the most powerful feature for Pinterest Marketing and Tailwind is the number 1 Pinterest marketing tool. A tailwind tribe can for example be a group about blogging. When you have created a pin you can then share it this group. When people in this group then share your pin you will be able to increase your traffic and this will help you increase your website traffic within weeks or even days. As you will share other peoples content they will share yours and this is how you grow your website and your website traffic.

Thanks to Tailwind I went from a couple of hundred views to… well you can see the stats for yourself down below.

How Does Tailwind App Work

Tailwind works by sharing other dinners content as well, this is nothing bad but it will instead also help increase YOUR traffic. Most Tribes will have “Post one Share on”.

These are the stats for my newly started website and as you can see you always gain more re-shares than items submitted and this is because of the 2:1 Ratio. I have also gained quite a large number of reach which I would not have been able to do within my first month of business, without Tailwind and this is only from the use of 2 tribes. Imagine if you took advantages of 5 or 10 or 15.

Tailwind for Pinterest

Is tailwind free

So how much does Tailwind cost to use? – This depends on the membership that YOU require for your website.

First of all Tailwind does offer you a free month to try it and to actually see the results for yourself. As you can see I do have the plus plan, which I am perfectly happy with for now but as your website grows you will probably allow for your tribe memberships etc. to grow. 


You are also able to purchase power ups and bundles through Tailwind but as you are getting started I do not believe this is necessary until you have reached a point where you actually need it.


  • Tutorials on how to use market your website through Pinterest
  • Increase you Pin Reach
  • Increase website traffic
  • Gain more followers
  • Find Hashtags
  • Schedule posts over multiple social media platforms easily
  • Get a personalised posting schedule for when YOUR audience is the most active

is tailwind instagram approved

Tailwind is Instagram approved. You can also schedule your posts onto Facebook and Twitter.

My favourite Tailwind Instagram feature is the hashtag one. Tailwind actually allows you to find hashtags in different categories depending on the amount of people using them. It will also let you know which hashtags would work best as well as giving you alternatives. 

Who is tailwind for

Tailwind is for you the blogger who wants to see a growth in their website or their online business. However, to grow you do need to have content to Pin. There is no point in using Tailwind unless you have content to send your viewers to. If you are brand new into the world of blogging I would suggest that you start by building your content and focusing on having your website SEO ready.

However if you have a few posts on your website, you have done the basics right and your goal is to grow and get a steady amount of traffic each month than Tailwind is for you.

Tailwind can sky rocket your monthly traffic. 

How To Create A Pinterest Pin

The easiest way to create stunning Pins is with Canva. This is a downloadable app that makes creating pins very easy. It also makes it easy for you to change the size of your pins by using the resize tool. You can easily go from a pin, to a instagram post, to a blog banner.

Final Thoughts

Tailwind has truly been of great benefit to my website and I recommend it to anyone who is ready to take their website to the next level.

Have doubts? Try it for free.

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  1. Hi! I have been building my blog and it has been fun so far. I know that writing good quality content is a must. But equally important is promoting that content that has been written. Being able to publish on time, at all our social medial outlets can become a burden. And I have realized that this burden can be lightened with Tailwind. The membership fee of $15 USD is affordable based on the benefits it’ll bring to my site. Thanks for this review.

    1. Hi Ann,

      Yes it can be a struggle but like you say, Tailwind does help take the load off a bit.
      I even think you can go cheaper if you just want the power-ups.

  2. hello Alexandra, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. I am using Pinterest for my marketing strategy and I see it converts pretty well so far. I plan to upgrade and buy Tailwind because it is getting hard to publish manually all those pins. I think it is definitely worth getting hands-on Tailwind.

    1. Hi Danijel,

      If Pinterest is something you frequently use I would strongly recommend trying Tailwind has it does boost traffic and reach by the thousands.

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