What Is Search Engine Optimization For

What Is Search Engine Optimization For

What Is Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation is a form of techniques or strategies to acquire more visitors to your website. This is done by making your website look more desirable for search engines.

How Much Does Search Engine Optimisation Cost

If you want to hire someone to help you with your SEO the cost can be quite expensive. If you want to use a business with a lot of experience it can cost you around $500 per month, give or take. This might be worth it if you are already having revenue on your website. You do need to see if the costs will be worth what you will receive.

You can also get away cheaper by using Google SEO or even better, for free, by applying SEO to your website yourself.


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How to learn about seo for free

There is a lot of information on the internet about SEO and how it works. The basics of it is to make your website look more attractive to search engines by using the correct wording and planning your website. This means that you need to know your competition, make use of social media platforms, keep track of your website analytics such as speed and readability.

This does not have to be as hard as it might sound. 

How to search engine optimize for free

  • Understand your website competition
  • Post to your website regularly 
  • Plan your website
  • Use the correct keywords
  • Optimize your website 
  • Create backlinks to your website
  • Use socialmedia platforms
  • Learn Google Analytics
  • Learn how to SEO by reading other blog posts

How to understand your competition

Go onto a search engine and type in keywords and search terms that you would use on your website. Select the top ones and study their websites.

  • How does their website look
  • What theme are they using
  • How is the layout
  • What is different about their content
  • Study their posts and they way they are structured

The importance of writing content regularly

Consistency is very important. This does not mean that you need to post content to your website every day. Find a schedule that works for you. It is however important to have around 50 posts on your website before you start marketing it. You want your viewers to have plenty to browse through. 

I would also recommend to try and create at least 1 piece of content per week. This does not have to be an article but it can be a video or perhaps a podcast.

If you are looking for a brilliant way to both market and schedule all your social media posts then Tailwind is the way to go.

Try Tailwind For Free.

plan your website

After your researching your competitors you should know what your target audience is looking for. By using google searches you can also find out the most common searches used within your Niche. Create content and pages based on this information. 

When studying your competition you have also learnt the outlay of their website. Where they have placed categories and how they have structured their pages etc. Use this on your website. Perhaps they all have something in common.

How to sEO keywords

To really get the most out of keywords you need to use a keyword tool. Keyword tools will help you find low competition keywords which will make it easier for you to take your website to the top.

With a keyword research tool you will get insight into what your target audience is searching for an in what terms. When combining this with google keyword research you will be hard to beat.

I recommend Jaaxy due to my personal experience with it. It has landed me on the first page, right at the top on several occasions. 

Do not forget to use google search console in combination with Jaaxy. You can see which of your posts will receive the most clicks and what search term was used. Perhaps it is an article that you can build another post on. Just a tip.

Try Jaaxy for free.


search engine optimize your website

Make sure that your website is optimised for mobile devices. You can use this when creating your posts. I personally use Elementor when creating my posts. This is free and you can get this with WordPress. By using the responsive feature you are able to see how your website reacts on tablets and phones. 

Also make sure to check you Google Analytics so see how it responds. I also use site manager which is a feature that comes within the Wealthy Affiliate program. Here I can keep track of my websites health. To make your website more attractive to google you need to have good site health, preferably an SSL certificate to make sure your website is safe and also that your website speed is good.

If you have ads on your website you also want to make sure that they adapt to the size of the device without causing your content to get messed up.

Try Wealthy Affiliate For Free

get free backlinks to your website

Another easy way to create backlinks is also to comment on other websites. Write a comment on a competitors website, that is relevant to the content, most comment sections will allow for you to add a link to your website.

If you are using social media such as instagram you can do the same. Provide a relevant comment that will allow for people to click back to your profile. 

When you create your content you might also be able to add both pictures and videos. 

Add a relevant tagline to your media file and a link back to your website. If someone would search for images related to your content the images will then show up within the search for people to click. This is why images and videos should not be forgotten.

sEO with social media

Creating an audience on social media in combination with backlinks can be very powerful for your SEO. If your website is clickable and your receive views then google will  classify it as a website that is important and one that gives people the information that they are looking for. By creating clickable content then you will allow for more traffic to hit your website. The exposure that social media brings can be of great benefit for your website SEO.

On your social media you can also interact with your audience to find out what they are interested in and create content based on this.

A brilliant way to boost your content is actually with Pinterest. It is used by 250 million people and it is an excellent source of traffic. 

Once again I recommend Tailwind, also from my personal experience. It helps boost your Pinterest traffic almost instantly and very effectively. I went from 500 mostly views to 7,3 mostly views in one month and the majority of my website traffic comes from Pinterest.

Learn Google Analytics

Google analytics will help track your website. It will be hard to make changes if you do not know which area you are lacking in. Learn how to analyse your website by clicking organic search. 

how to learn about SEO for Free

Watch YouTube videos,  read blogs, follow accounts on social media related to business, ask questions within online communities such as Quora. You do not need to pay someone to SEO your website, you just need to understand HOW to imply what you are learning. 

Final Thoughts

SEO is very effective and beneficial if you learn how to use it correctly and if know how to analyse your statistics and implement actions accordinly.

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  1. Hi ALexandra, a good post! I also recently made a website. However, when I check google analytics, I don’t see any traffic. However, I will try to apply what you write here because I feel SEO will be very useful for my website to generate traffic.
    And by the way, about backlinks, suppose I comment on another website by including my link, isn’t that spam?
    Please help..


    1. Hi Kylie,

      It can take up to 6 months for Google to start ranking you in searches. This is why it will help when you apply seo and marketing strategies. If people click your links from social media platforms it will help you to get ranked. Google favors those websites that offer relative and helpful content to its readers. Which is why comments is also important. 

      A lot of websites will have a section where you can add your website link when you submit a comment. That is not spamming but yes, if you would just add your website this can be considered spamming. 

  2. Hi Alexandra

    Thank you very much for this detailed and very informative article on search engine optimization. It can be a difficult technique to master as you are not certain that the keyword you are trying to go for is being recognised by the search engines. In fact you may rank with other keywords that you did not think off. I agree once learnt SEO can be an effective way of getting traffic for free but it is a slow progress. You cannot be expected to succeed overnight with it but you must preserve.

    I cannot believe how much SEO experts charge for their service. It seems to be quite expensive. If you are willing to try a SEO consultant or company which one do you recommend?



    1. Hi Antonio,

      Exactly, it can be difficult to know with keywords. It is a process but it is worth going through in the long run. You will receive what you put into it.

      Last time I used someone for SEO, it was a private consultant which ended up costing my business more than it made me. I honestly did a better job for myself and by using the services provided by Google.

  3. Exactly as you have shared in this guide, when it comes to search engine optimisation, a lot of things come into mind SEO is very broad. Getting an expert to help fix SEO is a really great idea but not friendly to the pockets so it’s better I learn the process involved and eventually become an expert too. One of the tips you have given that I love most is spying our competitors. That’s a very powerful idea.


    1. Hi, It can be very expensive using someone to help you with your SEO, learning the process for yourself is the best thing for you long term. I hope this will become useful for you.

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